Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Two Days!!

Peanut has only 45 hours until she and the Bethel College Choir Tour leaves for the Big Island! She is absolutely beside herself with excitement. And we're SO thrilled for her! God has created such awesome opportunities for her in her lifetime, and this is no exception. They'll be "island hopping" once they arrive in Hawaii, and will do this for 10 days! How cool is THAT!?! She's looking forward to volcano climbing, a luau, snorkeling, trying new foods, flea market shopping, and going from church to church to shopping center and wherever else they're singing. And what a great group of kids it is...very grounded in their faith in Jesus Christ, using the voices God has blessed each of them with to share His love.

We're praying for safety in travel, and while they're in HI. Praying that God would use each of them how he sees fit. Praying for health and wellness in their voices. And praying for rest!!

When many of them return, they'll be jumping right back into rehearsals for Pirates of Penzance, so there won't be much time to recover from jet lag. Praying that their bodies get the rest they need on the return trip, etc.

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