Monday, February 18, 2008


So, obviously I need to figure out how to post pictures on my blog. LOL! They're huge! And I have no clue how to resize them.

Friday was my last day at work. Guess where I went this morning after dropping Boo off at school?? Work. Yep! I'm a sucker. Okay, not was just the new teacher's first full day by herself, and the Foster Grandmothers had the holiday off, so I said I would go in for just a couple of hours. They only ended up having 4 babies today, so it worked out well. It was REALLY odd though. I wasn't "in charge" anymore. But I was totally okay with that. :)

So Peanut just posted on my Facebook...."mom, pray pray pray, cause I lost my phone!" UGH!!!! When she realized she'd left it somewhere, she went back, but it was gone. She's hoping it will turn up, or she said she'll call campus safety. Now, I'd LOVE to give others the benefit of the doubt. It's a small, Christian college. Everyone just about knows everyone else, so I'm praying that it turns up...VERY soon. I've called it and noone answers.

The Hubster has a nasty fever and cold. Came home from work early. Had already had the rest of the week scheduled off, so....we'll see. He's got a little "procedure" scheduled for tomorrow afternoon. Hoping they'll still do it even though he's got this cold. It has NOTHING to do with his head. LOL!


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Linda said...

I'm curious if your daughter (are you old enough to have one in college? I'm confused.) is at the same one as mine. I looked for your email address to ask this but didn't see it. Not trying to be nosy.