Monday, October 27, 2008

Wonderful Weekend!

I know I already told ya'll how busy my week was last week, so I'll just follow it up by saying it was great, but thank God it's over! :)

Parent teacher conferences were last Tues. & Wed., and because they have 1/2 days of school, the PTO provides a lunch for the teachers on the first 1/2 day. I am the Hospitality Chairperson for such functions, so I was responsible for taking care of this. I had a picture, but I accidently deleted it from my camera while trying to download. :( We had Boo's conference and he is the proud recipient of all A's & B's on his report card. Way to go buddy!!

My niece was getting married this past weekend, and I was doing all the cake, food, etc. for that, so I had to shop and start preparing things early in the week. That consumed a LOT of my time. Plus trying to work in a daily 1-1 & 1/2 hour workout each day, and other normal family activities. But it all came off with a wonderful "hitch" and the bride and groom are off for a few days "honeymooning".

Friday, our dear, precious friends welcomed their new little guy into the world and of course, I had to go squeeze him a bit. He's beautiful, and they're absolutely giddy with love and excitement. Such a tiny little bean! :)

Saturday, Boo played in his final football game of the season. He was pretty sad that the season is over. They WON their game, so ended with a 5-2 record, and we couldn't be more proud of him. He came a LONG way from crying at the first practice, saying he wanted to quit, to being sad that the season is over. :) He played his little heart out on Saturday and his big sister and her friends were all there to cheer him on with mom, dad and grandpa!

Then, I took Boo to our small local theater last night and we watched HSM3....topping the weekend off with a good dose of "CHEESE". :)


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Greg C said...

Our parent teacher conference is this Wednesday. I am hoping for all A's and one C but is just a hope at this point. I worked all weekend so I didn't do much that was exciting.