Monday, October 27, 2008

There's No Crying In Football!!

BooBoo has always been a big boy (in size), but he's not particularly tough. He's very tender-hearted, and at times can be quite sensitive. But...he's a natural at ball handling, and wanted to try football this season. We signed him up, and after the first practice, he was ready to quit. It was tough! It's one thing to be able to throw a perfect spiral, catch and handle the ball like a pro, and it's a completely different thing to run drills, exercise, and condition while wearing all the pads, gear, helmet, etc. His coaches were tough, but very fair, and wouldn't allow Matthew to make excuses or give up.

It all paid off!! Hated it, ready to quit, cried through the first couple of practices, and tonight, he was incredibly sad that the season is over. He made HUGE improvements in every way, and though we, as parents, are super proud of him, it was particularly nice to sit and hear the coaches give him accolades in front of his peers and other parents. It was a nice way to end the season, and we are SO thankful for this experience. And...he'll be back next year! :) (after the coaches were done speaking about Boo, of course, I was which the Hubster replies, "there's no crying in football!!"...what we've been telling Boo from the beginning! :)...)

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Greg C said...

I guess he told you. Your son sounds a lot like ours. We have held him off from football for the same reasons you mentioned. Maybe we should let him try it. He is 11, almost 6' tall and weighs over 175. The coaches at his school have been begging us to let him play.