Monday, January 26, 2009

My Firstborn

I think that every momma looks back on their child's life each year as they celebrate their birthdays and wonder....."Where has the time gone?" I get especially sentimental and weepy around this time of year because we celebrate both Boo's AND Peanut's birthdays!

20 years ago this one became the center of our universe.....



tammy said...

Awww...and me having a 25 year old can share in the wonder..."Where has the time gone?" What a precious girl you have there and it is quite amazing to look at that baby picture now and reflect on who she has become! Absolutely Precious!! :)

Greg C said...

I get sad when I think of how fast they are growing up. Ours stayed at home alone on Saturday and they decided to go to a resturant and have dinner. They did and everything went just find. They don't need us anymore. :(