Sunday, January 18, 2009

My Boo..

I had planned on celebrating my little man here today anyway, and then Greg at Greg's General Store had played along on a tag...go to your photo files, choose the 4th folder and post the 4th picture in that folder. So I told him I would do the same...

Well here it is!

This was my little man in Kindergarten...getting ready for Camp something or other in their classroom for that day.

And today, he turns 9! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BOO!!! You were prayed for, and God answered our truly are a "Gift from God".

sidenote: when, btw, do I have to stop calling him "Boo"?? When he's 15? 20?


Greg C said...

Cute picture. I knew a boy that kept his cute nickname when he was in his teens and he hated it. I would stop when he is around 12. But that depends on the child. I do know we want to keep them as young as possible as long as possible but that is just being a parent. Thank you so much for playing along with this. I actually don't have very many photo albums since my computer crashed last year and I lost everything. :(

Anonymous said...

From DawnC:

Kim, I still call Nick 'Boo' and he's 18! I just don't do it in front of his friends. ;)