Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Isn't it ironic?

I don't know....you draw your own conclusions.

BUTT....(yes...pun intended here! HAHA!)

I just HAD to post this today because Greg wrote a great post today about American Standard potties...only it really wasn't about the potty...but it's a funny one! Check it out!

Not long ago my hubby, son and I were staying in a hotel for a quick overnight....and this is what we found.

Please look closer at the "name" of the potty.

Now...I'm not trying to be cynical or get into any debates about the state of our churches today, (and I KNOW it isn't ALL of them...) but I'm just sayin'.....


Greg C said...

I'm just saying....LOL You draw your own conclusion. You are a potty mouth but then I guess so am I today. haha

Greg C said...

I will give you the letter T but there are two stipulations. Please don't mention toilets, lol and no fair saying things like The cat, The dog, The weather. Yes those start with T but that's cheating, haha.

2nd Cup of Coffee said...