Saturday, November 8, 2008

Good Friends, Good Food, Good Times!

I am so very blessed to have such great friends in my life. Connie is one of those precious people in my life that I am blessed to call friend. And I got to spend my day with her today!

We shopped for sassy duds we want our Hubba Hubba Hubbys to buy for us for Christmas!

We ate at the WONDERFUL Hollyhock Hill Restaurant.

And we played with the settings on my camera and took cool, random pictures!

A WONDERFUL day! I highly recommend a girl's day like we had today!


God's Girl said...

Girls days are the best! : )

Have a wonderful Sunday!


悉怛多缽怛囉PLANET said...
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tammy said...

We all need some good girl days!! :) Looks like fun.

Greg C said...

Sometimes it is nice just to act crazy and lighten up a bit. Looks like you had a great day.

DidiLyn said...

I want to be your friend and shop with you! Am I sounding too scary and stalkerish?
I'm going to skip(NOT stalk) over to your other blog and see how your Thrive/weight loss thingy is going...