Saturday, September 6, 2008

I lived the 80's!

I'm a new reader of Tabitha's, and she's posted a lovely 80's picture, so I thought I'd share one as well....some of you have seen this one, but I love to look at it and PRAISE GOD that we definitely get better with age! ;)

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2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Oh dear. We have one just like this of us with our first one, who is about to turn 22, so she was born in 86. Our picture is AWFUL. I was letting my hair color grow out and apparently did not know I could take action to blend colors better. You wouldn't believe how bad it is. Have you seen that site called, "My Yearbook Photo"? You stick your face into several decades of yearbook pics. It is hilarious. And now I shall end this comment with our class chant: We were crazy; we were fun. We were the class of '81. Awesome.