Sunday, September 21, 2008

Football, Determination and Broken Fingers

Boo is playing tackle football for the first time this year. Youth League. 3rd grade. In the beginning, it was really difficult for him for several reasons. First of all, he's big. He's 5' tall and weighs in at 132 lbs. He's rock solid. And he was out of shape. And he's had to get used to the pads and the helmet, etc.

But by golly, he's done it! He's stuck it out, ran drills with the smaller guys, worked through plays, cried a lot of tears, but he's NEVER given up! And we couldn't possibly be prouder. He's got great ball handling, and the coaches recognize that. He's the starting center, and loves every minute of it.

Even when he's doing bear crawls, bends his pinky finger backward, and then....falls on it. :( UGH!!


Karen said...

My poor bubby's finger! :(
He's a Viking.

tammy said...

OUCH!! I remember our football years well. I'm proud of him right along with you!!! :)