Tuesday, May 12, 2009

World Traveler

I don't know how to write something without getting all sappy and reflective and going on and on and on about my kid, so I'll just share one of the things that's happening in our family right now.

Peanut is flying out of O'Hare airport at 5pm, bound first for London...a 12 hour lay-over, and then on to Johannesburg, South Africa. She'll be there until flying back to Chicago on the 29th.....she's going with a mission group from the church she attends up in No. Indiana.

My baby is so grown up.....sigh.

Lord, keep her safe, give her rest, and make her heart overflow with love for each one she comes in contact with. She's yours, use her for YOUR glory!


tammy said...

My middle son would LOVE to go to Africa on a mission trip. Praying that she has a wonderful, god-filled time and comes back with her heart so full of love and her mind bursting with stories to tell for years to come!!

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Kim, I am in your shoes to a lesser degree. My oldest leaves today for Australia for two weeks. So not only do our great minds think a like about BL, we also have this in common today!