Thursday, May 28, 2009

Thankful Thursday

I'm incredibly weepy and humble and grateful I needed to write a Thankful Thursday post....

Thankful for a hard working, loving, compassionate husband, who is seeking God for wisdom and direction and perseverance.

Thankful that my daughter is coming home with a broken heart for the people of South Africa, with the deepest love down in the depths of her spirit for God and what he wants for her life.

Thankful for a son who is growing closer to Jesus each day as he learns and searches and loves.

Thankful for the gift of music. It speaks to the heart like nothing else.

Thankful for opportunities to grow closer to my Abba Father.

Thankful for guidance from the Holy Spirit in my daily walk with God. His still small voice.

Thankful for tears.....they wash my soul.....

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