Saturday, March 1, 2008

Safe and Sound plus Last Game of the Season!

Peanut called last night and they're safe and sound on The Big Island!! She sounded SO excited! Actually, her first words to me was "Hey mom! I just got Lei'd!!" Hardy har har!! Ya'll will realize how hilarious that is if you know how straight-laced she is! :) They stayed in a church last night...the people from the church met them at the airport with signs and leis and made them feel incredibly special and welcomed. They were feeding all 50 of the travelers, then when they get up this morning they'll be having b-fast and preparing for their first concert.

Boo has his last b-ball game this morning! We couldn't be more happy with the progress he and his team have made this season. Much improvement and teamwork! Go Seminoles!! He's had a lot of fun. This will most likely be his last year in this program's time to move on to a much more challenging program to prepare him for more play as he gets older...or at least that's what we think right now. We'll see what next season brings! (he did tell me a couple of days ago that he's really excited about football season this year though! Um....he's moving on to tackle! Stay calm mom, just stay calm!!)


Linda said...

I said Hey to Amy yesterday! she told me you had talked. So glad to hear your girl is safe and sound. I'll pray for yours; you pray for mine--deal?? Have a great Monday.

Kim said...

It's a deal! I would be praying for that group anyway, now I'll just add your girl to the list! YAY! So cool it's just such a small world.